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facepicI am a PhD Candidate in American Government at Georgetown University.

My dissertation, “A Party Within A Party: How the Tea Party Coopted the Republican Party,” describes the Tea Party’s strategy as one of a party within a party, and focuses on the role of activists in shaping this strategy. Rather than merely directing its animus against liberals,the Tea Party mobilized against the Republican Party in primaries and beyond.

I draw from original survey, interview, Tea Party blog, and social network datasets to explain the Tea Party’s strategy for mobilization as transcending the focused aims of a party faction. It instead works to co-opt the Republican Party’s political and electoral machinery in order to gain control of the party. For more information, see the “research” page.

When not researching, I am an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a private piano teacher.

Contact me at: rb459[asperand]georgetown[dot]edu


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