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facepicI received my PhD in American Government from Georgetown University in Spring 2016, and will be an Assistant Professor of American Politics at Miami University of Ohio beginning in Fall 2016.  I am in the process of revising my dissertation, “A Party Within A Party: How the Tea Party Coopted the Republican Party,”  into a book manuscript. This project describes the Tea Party’s strategy as one of a party within a party, and focuses on the role of activists in shaping this strategy. Rather than merely directing its animus against liberals,the Tea Party mobilized against the Republican Party in primaries and beyond.

I draw from original survey, interview, Tea Party blog, and social network datasets to explain the Tea Party’s strategy for mobilization as transcending the focused aims of a party faction. It instead works to co-opt the Republican Party’s political and electoral machinery in order to gain control of the party. For more information, see the “research” page.

Contact me at: rb459[asperand]georgetown[dot]edu


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